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Balancing Rocks


Individual therapy is a professional relationship between you and me. It is a safe place for you to talk about anything you want and move away from feelings of distress.  I believe that it is important to address the mind-body-spirit connections of who we are and in what we do. I

Holding Hands


Couples therapy is a place to discuss what is going on your relationship and find ways to strengthen it.  Being part of a couple can be hard and couples enter therapy together for a variety reasons.  Sometimes, in crisis, and others, in times of wanting to deepen their connection and intimacy, parenting concerns, or stregthening communication .  I can work with you overcome the distance between you and work toward falling in love again. 



Welcome to my practice! Please take a moment to read a little bit more about me!


I work with my clients to be who they truly are inside and out. I help individuals, 

couples, and families see their divine potential and achieve their goals.

I truly love being a teacher, therapist/social worker, and supervisor.


I received my PhD in Counseling Education & Supervision, and am a licensed clinical 

social worker (LCSW) and trained sex therapist. I maintain a private practice with a focus on mental health and overall wellness in Penfield, New York. I have been a therapist for over 20 years. 

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21 Willow Pond Way, Suite 204

Penfield, NY 14526


Tel: 585-500-1505

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