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Sex therapy is a specialty area of psychotherapy. It focuses on the relief sexual symptoms, often related to a sexual dysfunction. The main goal is to improve sexual functioning, communication between partners, and overall wellness. Sex therapy is talk therapy and employs many of the same principles as other therapeutic modalities, but the presenting problem related to a sexual concern.

I believe that all people have the right to their own sexuality, and maintain a sex-positive foundation that is inclusive of all types of relationships. My areas of expertise include lack of desire & desire discrepancies, post-partum, sexual, sexual functioning difficulties, performance issues, painful sex, sexual aversion, pleasure, difficulties with orgasm, sexual identity, sexual abuse, partners of sexual addiction, depression, anxiety, and spirituality.


While there are many kinds of sexual concerns that people bring to our sessions, some of the most common I see are:

  • Emotional identification and expression

  • Lack of desire/libido (not wanting sex)

  • Desire discrepancies (one partner wanting sex more)

  • Couple's communication issues

  • Post-partum concerns

  • Sexual identity exploration

  • Dealing with sexual abuse or other negative sexual experiences

  • Infertility

  • Sex & sexually transmissible illnesses

  • Sex after cancer (or other chronic illnesses)

  • Lack of orgasm

  • Pain with intercourse

  • Sexual aversion (avoiding sex or sexual situations)

  • Problematic sexual issues such as pornography use and/or sexual addiction


To Make an Appointment or for Additional Information, call 585.500.1505

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