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Episode24: Courage Unleashed: Embracing Authenticity and Being Brave as a Teen with Lilianna Russell

Today is a very special episode, as I am talking with my own 15-year-old daughter, Lili, about her journey in being authentic and brave. In this episode, Lili reveals how she was able to understand her true self and to help others, including us as her family, understand as well.

I’m so proud of Lili for coming on the podcast to share her very personal story, and for being so open and vulnerable in doing it. We hope what you hear today will be of value to you as well, whether you are a parent or a teenager who is on your own path to understand what it means to live an authentic and brave life.

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • Lili reveals the diagnosis she received and how she was able to see it as a positive, not a negative, in her life [4:15]

  • The way she has learned to regulate and move through difficult situations [10:45]

  • How Lili is now able to express herself to others, despite being a person for which emotions doesn’t necessarily come easy [12:56]

  • The struggles of physical touch and boundaries and how she was able to understand more about herself by attending therapy sessions [14:33]

  • A look at what happened after Lili was diagnosed with autism, and what this allowed us to do differently as her parents [19:14]

  • What’s next for this amazing young person! [21:22

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