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Episode 9: What It REALLY Takes to Write & Publish a Book with Karina Kantas

Have you ever thought about publishing a book, but aren’t sure where to start? Although rewarding, writing a book, publishing and then marketing it can be a challenging process, and today’s expert guest knows all about this. She’s here to help you navigate this process, and to share more about her own experiences as an author as well as the ways she assists her clients in their own journeys to becoming authors.

Karina Kantas is an international bestselling author and award-winning filmmaker. She is also the host and producer of Behind The Pen podcast and TV show, co-host and editor of FlashBack radio, and host and one of the producers of Author Assist Radio Show. Karina Kantas is also Author Assist's CEO, offering affordable publishing packages, coaching and mentoring, and media for writers and authors.

We hope you find this conversation enlightening and informative, and most of all, that it helps you write that next book you’ve been dreaming of and wanting to bring to the world!

If you want a handout describing today’s actions, head over to my website, for a free download. I hope you find a little tip in today’s talk that resonates with you, and you know that you are not alone on your journey of self-discovery and self-care.

Until next time, keep on practicing and keep on being authentic and brave!

What I Cover In This Episode:

  • Karina’s background as an author and entrepreneur and the reasons why she wanted to appear on the podcast [1:59]

  • The zone where the “magic” happens for writers, and why this is such a special place to come from [4:15]

  • How Karina’s desire to help other authors came from her own experiences in writing her own books many years ago [7:32]

  • The evolution of self-publishing and traditional publishing of books over the last few decades, and the ways in which she helps independent authors be seen [9:49]

  • Why it’s so important for authors, especially ones doing it all themselves, to reach out for help during this process [11:47]

  • The reason that just hiring a virtual assistant to help you publishing a book is not always the best option [15:47]

  • What Karina’s journey to realize her own self-worth and the true value of the services she provides has looked like [21:38]

Where you can find Karina:

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