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Episode 23: Good Nails, Good Vibes & How Color Can Help You Manifest

Many women I talk with discuss how certain colors make them feel, and I want to explore this topic today. Specifically, what does picking out a nail color have to do with living an authentic and brave life?

In this episode, I look at the messaging I was raised with about spending money on having my nails done, having the right color picked out, and how others may see me. That’s a lot of pressure for picking out a color to put on my nails for a few weeks. So why then does it cause so much anxiety for me?

Sometimes we have to do some things that make us uncomfortable, because of our silly internal rules that we don't even realize we have. We have to challenge them, we have to move past our comfort zone. Sometimes, we just have to let ourselves be who we are, and for me, today, that’s wearing orange nails.

I hope this episode and its message helps you on your way to living authentically, and aids you in feeling good while manifesting all that it is you desire!

What I Cover In This Episode:

  • What I feel from my past led me to develop a harsh inner critic, and how it still impacts me now [1:59]

  • The struggles I feel in choosing a color that speaks to me and how this relates to the question if I can trust myself in other situations where I strive for authenticity [5:53]

  • The ways in which I use the RULER technique to understand my feelings, honor what I like and not being afraid to try something new [7:44]

  • What to understand about how specific colors can often evoke certain emotions or reactions in people [11:45]

  • Why I feel that picking and wearing a nail color that we resonate with can assist us in getting what we want in other areas of life [16:11]

  • A look at a few scientific grounded approaches to manifestation [17:18]

  • The importance of realizing that manifestation is a process that requires patience, persistence, and realistic expectations [20:15]

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