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Episode 12: Overcoming the Fear of Vulnerability to Live a Bold & Authentic Life with Abigail Luvisi

Living boldly while pursuing our dreams and the joy we desire is something that many of us strive for, but how do we do it now as adults when the fear of being vulnerable is a very real obstacle that we must overcome first? I’m so excited to share my recent conversation with today’s guest, Abigail Luvisi, who has great insights to help on your journey in answering this question.

Abigail is a mindset mentor in Arizona who gives the women she works with, both in their personal and professional lives, the formula to overcome what’s keeping them stuck. She provides them with the tools needed to know their worth and shows them how they can move forward authentically, by living in their own truth.

If you’re ready to really pursue your dreams and the joy that you desire in your own life, you’re going to want to hear what Abigail reveals in this episode!

I hope you find a little tip in today’s talk that resonates with you, and you know that you are not alone on your journey of self-discovery and self-care.

Until next time, keep on practicing and keep on being authentic and brave!

What I Cover In This Episode:

  • What it really means to Abigail to live boldly and with integrity [2:07]

  • The ways that she now helps her clients, as adults, move through the disconnect of feeling something but having no idea what it is [5:13]

  • Some of the reasons why being vulnerable can be so scary, especially for adults [6:45]

  • How guilt and shame show up when we start identifying and understanding our emotions [8:30]

  • What you can do to get started with sharing your emotions and feelings with those around you [12:49]

A helpful too that Abigail has her clients use, and that you can implement as into your life too [16:30]

Want to Know More about Abigail?

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Abigail’s Website & Instagram

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