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26: Spicy Tacos & Salty Margaritas: Navigating Anger in Marriage

In last week’s episode, I revealed what anger is, how we experience and feel it, and of course, how we express it. Today, I welcome back my husband John to the podcast to help us go deeper into this topic of anger, and specifically, how anger impacts a relationship.

You’ll hear a bit about how we both experienced anger while growing up, and how it has come up at different times as adults in our marriage. I invite you to look at the ways you feel and express anger in your own relationship, and remember, you can be angry at someone and continue to love them at the same time!

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • What comes to mind for John when he thinks of anger and the way he learned to deal with the anger that stemmed from his childhood experiences [2:00]

  • How anger played out in the early stages of our relationship and then later in our marriage [4:51]

  • The key lessons we have learned with each other and also our kids, as it pertains to this topic of anger [14:22]

  • My journey to learn healthy ways to express anger, and what happened when I realized that anger doesn’t have to be harmful to the other person [21:34]

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Why acknowledging and expressing this emotion when you feel it, versus bottling it up inside, is a healthy practice [22:32]

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