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21: Nurturing Wellness: Cultivating Your Best Self with Gina Lathan

I’m so excited to introduce you to today’s special guest, Gina Lathan. I met Gina several years ago while on a women’s wellness retreat, and I’ve been working with her ever since.

Gina is the owner of Wandering Wellness Collective and the owner of Camp Loon, which you’ve heard me talk about on this podcast. She is also the Director of Business Development for a national manufacturer, a wife, a mother, a friend, a community volunteer and forever optimist. As you’ll hear, Gina is grateful for the opportunity to bring together like-minded women, and she absolutely loves to share her ideas on relaxation, empowerment, inspiration and positivity.

If you like what Gina shares today and if you are ready for pampering, inspiration, relaxation, balance, connection, and more, you’ll want to check out the upcoming Wandering Wellness retreats at Camp Loon, by visiting!

What I Cover In This Episode:

  • A look at some of Gina’s gifts and how she helps others find their own unique gifts [4:25]

  • What guests can expect to gain from one of her retreats, and some of the lessons that Gina has learned from organizing and hosting them [7:52]

  • Her thoughts on self-care and how the journey will be different from person-to-person and often changing over time [9:10]

  • How you can tell if you are on the right path and following the direction you truly want to go in, plus the way that Gina expressed what she wanted to the people in her own life [13:46]

  • A closer look at the behind-the-scenes of one of Gina’s events and what the guests are often looking for by going to them [17:24]

  • The 3 words that are at the core of her retreats and how she came up with them [19:58]

  • Exciting details on what’s coming up at Camp Loon and the way to register [22:51]

Links & Resources:

Camp Loon’s Website, Instagram & Facebook

2023 Retreat Registration

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