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18: How to Start Building the Life You Really Want with Transformational Coach Daisy Hillbrands

Are you wanting “more”, but you’re not quite sure what it is or if it is even possible for you? Or do you feel like the life you desire is within reach, but you’re just not sure what steps to even take first to go after it? I’m excited to welcome transformational coach Daisy Hillbrands to the podcast to help answer these important questions, and so much more.

Daisy’s practice helping individual clients is exclusively online, and she herself is a digital nomad and a part-time van traveller with a cat. Daisy is no stranger to changing directions in life to follow a more authentic and brave path, and as you’ll hear in this episode, she recognizes that sometimes even when you have checked all the boxes of a “good” life, it just might not be what makes you happy.

Daisy helps others clarify what they want and to show them that change is indeed possible, no matter what age you are, and I hope you are as inspired listening to Daisy as I was in having this conversation with her.

What I Cover In This Episode:

  • Daisy’s personal journey and how she got into exploring the feelings of wanting more in her own life [3:16]

  • Why she decided to create the life she really wanted, despite loving what she was already doing in her professional career [8:46]

  • What Daisy’s life looks like now and what it’s been like for her to be a transformational coach [10:21]

  • One of her favorite tools for building the life you really want [13:01]

  • What to consider when you are feeling like your life is not enough and you want more [15:10]

  • The importance of talking to the right people about your dreams, and how doing this can help you achieve what it is you desire [16:30]

Links & Resources:

Daisy’s Website & Free Tools (Including The Wheel of Life)

Connect with Daisy on Facebook & LinkedIn

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