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05: Tacos and Margaritas: Communication & Compromise in Marriage

As a follow-up to last week’s episode talking about love, today’s special guest (and the first that has joined me so far on the podcast!) is none other than my very own husband, Jon!

In this episode, we take a look back at how we met and the ways that our relationship has evolved through the years, including the struggles we’ve faced and how we’ve both learned to communicate and have our words heard by each other, and not the emotions.

Whatever point you and your partner are at in your own relationship journey, we hope what we share today about love and authentic communication helps you, and we would both be so happy to hear what part of this conversation resonated the most.

If you want a handout describing today’s actions, head over to my website, for a free download. I hope you find a little tip in today’s talk that resonates with you, and you know that you are not alone on your journey of self-discovery and self-care.

Until next time, keep on practicing and keep on being authentic and brave!

What I Cover In This Episode:

  • Who Jon is and why he agreed to come on the podcast [1:17]

  • What are relationship is all about from Jon’s perspective [2:52]

  • How we met and the ways in which our relationship has evolved from dating through marriage [5:00]

  • Some of the struggles we’ve faced and why we both feel that strong communication is key to our relationship [6:54]

  • A look at the therapy process that we went through and our advice for other couples considering therapy [8:55]

  • Jon’s biggest pet peeve in life in general, and during arguments [16:05]

  • What you can do to make sure your words, not the emotions behind them, are what is heard by your partner [19:18]

  • How Jon views being authentic and brave in communication [21:17]

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